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Protective Clothing

Our protective clothing not only fulfils the special safety requirements of different vocations such as the fire department or forestry workers, but also all current safety standards. And all on a high quality and aesthetic level. Because after all, safety clothing is where our company first started out.


Medical Equipment

As the strongest brand in Bosnia Herzegovina with access to the whole of Eastern Europe as well as being one of the leading employers in the country, Prevent Group is your contact partner for rang of goods and services in the region.


Luggage and Accessories

Our expertise in sewing and assembly as well as the wide range of available materials make great potential for production of luggage and business accessories collection. Along with the production of luggage for the leading OEM we have developed useful accessories that will make your trip pleasant.



Passion and devotion for building performance cruiser yacht that would match racing performance of the best racers on the market, as well as provide comfortable cruising abilities was a goal back in 2002., when all started. We find a winning formula, a perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety, crucial for relaxed and joyful living on board.
Where pleasure meets performance.



Whether it is a standard electrical cable, rope or self-supporting cable bundle, TKT and Elka have the solution even for the most demanding applications. Our broad experience in different industries, and demanding markets integrated into production with tradition of 90 years, gives us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently.

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